Let us introduce ourselves!

We are Donna and Heather, both Professional Home Economists. We have been developing delicious recipes in our test kitchen for many years. We began working for Black and Decker with their bread machines but soon worked for a wide variety of bread machines and yeast companies. Today we are experts in the development of both gluten-free and wheat based bread machine recipes.

​Not only do we develop bread machine recipes but have expanded into gluten-free cakes, pastries, cookies and cakes as well as entrees. We feel nutrition is important so work with a wide variety of flours, choosing each for recipes that reflect the flavors and textures we enjoy.

​Soon we will add a recipe here for you to try. Until then, send us an email (on contact page) and request one. Please specify wheat or gluten-free (bread machine or mixer method).

Thought you'd like to see me getting mixes ready to bake.. I make bread mixes of all the dry ingredients needed to prepare my loaves.

the bags are labelled with the type, amounts of liquids and yeast and the cycle. Sealed airtight, they keep for weeks. Easy preparation for the next time I bake. Far more nutritious and flavorful than the mixes on the market today. Less expensive too!

Gluten-Free Goodies from our books  

Carrot Cake                       Banana Cranberry Muffin             Lemon Poppy Seed Cake